Friday, May 12, 2006

The yarn basket is half empty :(

Also, well, my now obviously eternal quest for a knitting bag has led me to this. This is so me. I love it. But I’m wondering if I can get something similar for cheaper at like Target or something. Sorry, but $70 is a lot of dinero especially when you translate that to potential skeins.
Meanwhile, boxing up my stash has left me empty. Where has all the yarn gone? I feel lonely and frankly so is the sock yarn. I’m thinking of starting a pair of socks for Mike and taking it as my vacation knitting project to Orlando. You know what? I just got an idea my aunt is also a knitter. She has just learned and really likes scarves. I’m not sure though with her busy schedule if she’ll have enough time to pick a project for the vacation (we are all going together), maybe I should bring her a kit as a gift (read: don’t let me be the only knitter in this group on our vacation). Hey, don't look at it like that. It aint no vacation unless the wool goes too.


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