Saturday, May 06, 2006

New knitting bag

knitting bag/shrug sleeve
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So I gave in and bought a tote bag at Target. I figure it could be years before I see a finished Knitting Tote and I can scratch that sucker off my knitting to do list and stop beating myself up over it.
On top of it is the beginning sleeve for Maya's shrug. It was coming along beautifully until I realized that it looked a little small. There were eight sts/inch instead of 7. Again with the f-ing gauge! So the 5inches went to the frog pond and I started over. This one seems a little small too, but I tried it on and it fits just fine. I'm going to complete the inc's and then stick it on her arm and see how it looks. The arm length measurements on the pattern are like 2.5" smaller than her arm length. Hmmm. Maybe she makes up for it in the back length? I dunno. I'm tired. Our home is officially listed on the market so if anyone is interested in living in sunny Florida let me know! Meanwhile, I got my bag to carry around my knitting projects in Orlando. Oh Yeah.


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