Tuesday, December 13, 2005


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Okay, quick post. I HAD to post a picture of the Quechua to document its soft fiber perfection. This is what I plan to knit with it. I loved the look of this sweater ever since I first got the magazine (spr 2005 Interweave Knits). The pattern calls for Hemp. Yummy and eco-friendly but a bit more expensive than the alpaca blend. I had put the yarn away since we will be going to Atlanta this weekend for 10 days, but now I'm thinking I'll bring it at least to knit a gauge swatch. I'm planning on some yarn store shopping while in Georgia so I wasn't planning on taking a lot of knitting with me. There is also the Berroco knitting tote. Its cool! Its fun! and best of all its functional. Well, my only problem with that is finding purse handles with a 13" wide bar. Sigh.
Something else I'll be looking for is yarn for Tubey and Picovoli. I've joined the Sexy Knitters Club, but there is no button because I can't figure out how to upload the saved image from my hard drive. I need code. I can cut and paste. I can't upload. Sigh. Anyway...Christmas knitting is done and I'm having a blast starting the next 3 projects on my list.


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