Friday, January 20, 2006

New Year, new stuff...

Happy belated New Year!! Thank goodness 2005 is over. This year is already promising to be a good one! With all this optimism, I've decided to join in and become a Knitting Olympian. How exciting!! When I first read about this idea I was skeptical. Didn't I already have a project list in the double digits? Why would I tack on something else, especially if it was something I would have to knit and finish in 16 days?! I may be crazy about knitting, but this sounded just plain ridiculous. So the next day I decided to knit Tubey. I see this as a compromise...I challenge myself to finish in 16 days but its knit in the round so with all that straight knitting, maybe I can catch some of the actual competition on the telly at the same time. Also, I already have all the yarn and needles I need for it: no breaking the budget. I'm also working on another project that involves sending my knitting away for review....OUCH! I haven't heard back yet, but more news on that to come for sure!


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