Thursday, July 21, 2005


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Yesterday was quite a day! It was Maya's 5th birthday. I think she had a good day, we opened presents, baked cake, opened more presents, ate at ol' McDonalds....the only downer was the fact that we both have a head cold. Today we are doing better and I'm especially happy because I also got a present yesterday. I LOOOOOVE this book. It is just as brilliant as I thought it would be and it was worth the wait (I ordered it in May I think!). So now I have all these brilliant patterns and I must choose...hmmm. I'll have to post pictures as I narrow the candidates down. I re-started the neck-tie and things are going very zen-like so far. I don't think it should take long to finish.
In other news, school starts in one more week. OIY! I'm still waiting for a language arts schedule from Sonlight. I got my K math program and there are only 112 lessons (that includes 14 tests) for the whole year! That means like, 3 math lessons a week! I guess that is allright I mean heck, I would have loved not to deal with math 5 days a week when I was in school. Maya is so funny, its like she is skeptical that there is any school at all. Almost every day she asks,"is today a school day?" And she's been asking that for like, 6 months now. I hope our school days don't come as a shock for her. We are so relaxed at home that a school schedule may be more structure than she is used to!


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