Tuesday, July 05, 2005

More Progress....

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After weeks of grueling research, shopping and planning here it is....my very own Schedule for Maya's Kindergarten year at home. It may not look like much, and this is only week one of 36 weeks of the school year but it is DONE. I will print out week by week as the year progresses in case I get behind in any area. I guess I'll have to keep these for some sort of portfolio to submit if the School District asks for them. There is a master schedule with all assignments in it that I'm drawing from. It seems like its taken FOREVER to get this done but now it is. I'm only expecting four more books in the mail. SSsshhhhh, don't tell Mike. He's sick of me buying books....oh well, he'll get over it! It is our daughters education for crying out loud!


At 9:50 AM, Blogger Amy Boogie said...

A schedule and everything! You're way ahead of me. I've only thought of making a schedule for the school year.


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