Monday, July 18, 2005


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Wellllll, like many other people around the world yesterday, I was reading the new Harry Potter book. It was great! I loved it and as usual, was a little sad at the end and frustrated that another long wait is ahead for the next part of the story to be told. Cheers to J.K Rowling! Of course, there is always more material to cover: after one book ends, another begins. I bought Krishnamurti's Freedom From The Known along with Harry Potter, happy to finally get my hands on one of his books. I've only read about five paragraphs so far but it is brilliant I tell you. I mean, he really isn't saying anything new, but he is pointing it out in such a way'll just have to read it. I'm always up for things that question authority and tradition. My husband...well..not so much. I began reading aloud to him and he stopped me. He said it was making him angry and that he was wrong; making false statements. I admit I didn't get annoyed because I can sympathize. I often feel angry/frustrated the minute he cracks open that Book Of Mormon and starts reading aloud to me. GRRRRRR....
Honestly, one can only wonder why he would be angry, being someone who was born into a very Mormon family, when he hears that we are "second hand people" because we've become something someone else told us we should be and believe things that others have told us we should believe and we do this because we have no real personal experience of the thing we are seeking, nor do we strive for one?!! And why would I, someone who believes God gave us reason and common sense for a reason, want to hear passages from a book that is the basis of a faith that I no longer wish to participate in??! Sigh...


At 3:53 PM, Blogger raven said...

yeah sister... nice to see you working with Krishnamurti...

You describe your experience with his work very well... I know what you mean

At 9:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Krishnmurti was a true iconoclast: breaking all molds and accepting none. It makes sense that your Mormon husband would wretch at Krishnamurti's words. 1. Krishnamurti rejected all religion and spiritual systems in 1929 when he removed himself from the Theosophical Society and its rituals, including Masonry, which was in the occult branch of Theosophy. 2. The founder of Mormonism was an occultist who patterned his temple worship after Masonic temple ceremonies.
3. I spoke first hand with an ex Mormon and visited public Masonic ceremonies, and have discovered close similarities in both temple rituals.
4. Krishnamurti rejected all systems and religions which separate out their members as "special" or above common humanity.

Keep reading Krishnamurti!!!


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