Monday, May 16, 2005

And two became one....

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Okay, so I got my Knitwhits pattern and promptly casted on and promptly screwed it up! My m1's are apparently not up to par. I could NOT m1, sl1, m1 to save my life. Eventually, I had to learn a new way to m1. I was directed to this great site from some wonderful ladies at that showed all the inc thru video! Brilliant! I can't post the site cuz I'm too tired and my favorites folders are full of homeschooling links, but that is a whole other post in itself. Needless to say I will be homeschooling my daughter this fall, and well...wish me luck! I stayed up late last night figuring out exactly what books to buy for her. Then I lay down. Then the kids woke up. Then I lay down with Aaron so he would quiet down. Then he stayed awake for two hours keeping me awake as well. Then Maya woke up crying because I wasn't in her bed. I got up and moved to my bed leaving them in their own beds. Couldn't fall asleep again for about an hour. All in all, I got four hours of sleep. Now, anyone who knows me, knows that I DO NOT function on this much sleep. To top it off, the kids are under the weather today. Maya has had a fever and Aaron is sniffly. Sigh. Must stay awake.
Back to the knitting. Anyway, after the m1 confusion, I read the pattern wrong and added an extra step therefore confusing my self on the st count. Duh. I do know how to read knitting patterns I swear! Finally, after many hours of struggle against my own idiocy, the cheap needles and acrylic yarn I got this:


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