Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The past six days have been a whirlwind of activity. We are pulling up our old carpet (which was incidentally someone else's old carpet before we moved here) and replacing it with the interlocking laminate stuff. I cannot begin to tell you how freaking happy this makes me! For weeks before I was dreaming about ripping this smelly and stuffy old carpet out- literally dreaming and even living on the concrete if we had to! So in 3 days work we've refloored two rooms and a small hallway. The next three days comprised of me vainly trying to further progress on it by myself while simultaneously keep track of my kids. The thrilling part for them is that they will each get a new room. I've taken this opportunity to hijack the "computer room" from my husband and bestow it to the proper recipient of the space; my three year old Aaron. Today we bought discount quilts and a Hot Wheels pillow for his new room. Our next big challenge: finding a place for the computer (and stereo my husband insists we have hooked up). This weekend will be the end of the much hated living room carpet. I will NOT be sad to see it go. Actually, I think a celebratory dance will be in order....
So, anyway, as one can guess, with half of our material posessions stuffed here and there to make way for new floor, not much spinning has been happening. Knitting however is another story. It has kept me quietly sane throughout this home improvement project. I am through with the first skein of Baby Ull on Lee's baby blanket and I have started a second one for another new baby who has just arrived! This one is a granny square crochet concoction. I've got two more planned with a toddler sweater also. October is my deadline for everything but the granny square blanket. That I want done and sent out ASAP since the sweet little bundle is already here! Then, as soon as all that is done it will be time for Mom's sweater. Seriously, I think this is the last gift-knit item I will knit for a long time. All I have left is the cuff of one sleeve, the left sleeve, and the front borders. So close........
Some pictures as soon as we are all hooked up again!


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