Thursday, March 24, 2005

Beauty Thy Name Is Lace Weight

This made my day!

This is the second most beautiful thing I think I've ever bought (the first being my wheel!). Purple/gold colorway from Handpainted Yarn. It is sooooooooo soft! I want to knit something with it RIGHT NOW! I was planning on making a "Kimono Shawl" out of the book Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle. This past Monday I just decided I would go to the library and just see what they had going on in the knitting section. Low and behold! I hit paydirt! I got nine books, five about lace knitting alone and one Alden Amos big spinning book. I also scored a Vogue baby pattern book. My cousin is pregnant and well, its just an excellent excuse to buy some new yarn and knit one more project. So, I found a couple blanket patterns in there that are gorgeous and not too time consuming so all I need now is the yarn. A trip to the sit and knit at the LYS is in order! I just have to make it home before eight because I don't want to miss the new episode of the OC. HA!


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