Saturday, March 19, 2005

Its here!!

So the wheel has arrived! Yeah! Its assembled and works! Joy! I'm so excited to start using it, but this spinning thing is not as simple as it seems! Plus, the plain roving I bought to try spinning with is now waiting to be dyed. So what do I do? Dye or Spin? This would be a lot easier if I had gotten off my arse yesterday and gone ahead with the dyeing. Anyway.....I will definitely post some new pictures of my wheel and anything that remotely resembles yarn that comes off it!
I also wanted to mention the wonderful people I bought the wheel from on ebay:
Hans and Gerrie from the Netherlands. I tried not to be jealous when they said they recently bought a farmhouse so they would have more space to work with the wheels and maybe keep some sheep too. Jeez, living in the Netherlands, in a farmhouse with some sheep, buying repairing and reselling spinning wheels and other supplies.......They're living the FREAKEN' DREAM!! Ahem....Anyway......
This is their "store". They are ebay gold and I know I'm going to keep tabs on what they've got listed! Maybe soon I'll need a more portable wheel! Whoo hoo!


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