Thursday, October 20, 2005

Mom's Sweater!

Mom's Sweater!
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Ta-Da!! Here is a picture of the final product. The bands were plain garter stitch with NO buttons (thank you Mom) so they were easy to whip out at the end! The only part I wasn't too happy with was where I had to cast on sts to knit the sleeves. This is at the underarm and the sts are off-looking but its not too obvious and hopefully no one will be seeing Mom's underarms...
I got a little scared after I had wet it to block because it seem so much wider than it did before it was wet. There was a brief moment of panic because this is my first cardigan and I spent soooooo much time on it....of course I didn't want to screw it up at the very end! But I took a deep breath, waited 2 days for the bugger to dry and tried it on. It fits soooo nice and the wool is even softer after the blocking. I have about 2 full skeins left. I'm sure Mom will be thrilled to see it finished! Love ya Mom!!


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