Friday, November 19, 2004

Well, after a lot of knitting and not much to show for it.....

Alright! I'm just complaining because I had to start all over on my mom's cardigan. I didn't think it would be that big a deal because it didn't take me long the first time to get to the armholes. It's been like six days now and I think I've knit only twenty rows. But in that time I have started two other projects and finished one of them. I would have had pictures for the blog, but something has gone buggy with the hello program.
When she bought me the yarn, I was excited to knit her something, now I feel like it is becoming a large obstacle standing in the way of my other projects (lacy v-neck?!). I tell myself that I won't start anything else until her sweater is done so my Kyoto sweater and lacy v-neck have been put on hold. So on my Friday nite when I could be knitting away, what am I doing? Surfing, blogging and watching the boob tube. In a desperate attempt to speed things up, I've been trying to teach myself the continental method. Thats been going okay, but I realized that I may knit "looser" this way and have already done some of the sweater and don't want the gauge to vary. Sigh. I guess I could knit a swatch.....
Oh bugger! I'll just go and knit some more on the damn thing! Anyway, I guess it could be worse. The wool is beautiful and its for my lovely mother. If this is my worst problem right now, I'm doing pretty good!


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