Tuesday, November 16, 2004

More finished stuff!

my new poncho Posted by Hello

Sorry for the crappy picture, I'll put a better one up later. I saw this great pattern on the midnightknitter blog. The pattern's site is www.stitchdiva.com and they've got some cool patterns. Originally, I was going to give it to my friend for her birthday but I changed my mind. I used LionBrand Microspun. I know I know, its acrylic, but I wanted something cheap and fast. The yarn wasn't a bad choice but between its slickness and my rusty crocheting skills it took me awhile to get the stitches going right. So I am excited to wear it somewhere which will most likely be christmas shopping this weekend. How exciting huh? Well it is for me who's world revolves around two busy toddlers and her knitting projects.
In other finished project news, I made a weenie warmer from the link on the knittersreview forums. I finished it in two hours (we were watching Hell-Boy) and I didn't even tell my husband I was going to make it for him. When I was seaming it up (he knows enough to know the finishing steps) he came over and asked what I was making. When I held it up to him (minus the drawstring) there was a heartbeat before he burst out laughing! He loved it and even tried it on. When I finished the drawstring he lovingly put it away in his undie drawer. Awwww.


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