Friday, October 08, 2004

My cheap Harlot

So I've been working a lot on a NEW poncho. Yep thats right ANOTHER ONE. After it took me several months to finish the Cape Mod I plunge right into another one. Its not my fault though, really! You see, my mom took a trip and bought me some more yarn for my birthday. Shopping at Hobby Lobby, she purchased seven skeins of Lion Brand Homespun in a brown, yellow, blue colorway. I know what you might be thinking: "ewwwww, acrylic yarn!?" I cannot deny that that was one of my first reactions too. But I also thought it was pretty and very soft compared to the bright rough acrylic of my childhood. (BTW its and acrylic/polyester blend!) So I took it home and immediately embarked on a swatch to calculate a Yarn Harlot poncho. Everyones doin' it. I wanted one too! So I cast on and decided to change it up a little. I worked seed st in the first three rows and then working a yo, k1, move marker, k1 then yo again to form my increase rows (this is more me not reading the pattern carefully). It created a pretty ridge that sorta matches my seed st rows (the yarn is sorta boucle and is bumpy so st definition isn't very clear) and looks halfway decent! So I'm like two-thirds the way done with that. I also got a chance to take a look at my Kyoto. I frogged the piece that was wrong and rewound my balls, then started on my front right piece. I only got fourteen rows into it before I put it down and picked up the homespun poncho again. I even had to go to the lys and buy a 36" 10.5 needle to continue on the poncho. Now my knitting is being held hostage by my obsession with this poncho. I'm thinking it looks so lovely and it is going to look so cool on, then I start to wonder if it will retain its appeal once its off the needles.
There are many pictures to be taken and posted but postponing that is motivating me to finish my stuff so it will look good. So hopefully, I will be able to show off some more of my work soon!


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