Tuesday, January 18, 2005


I turned the Lion Brand Imagine into this:

ballet wrap Posted by Hello

Yes it is yet another project I've finished before moms sweater. I'm starting to feel real bad about this so I took action last nite: I went through my entire stash. I found lots of yarn and two needles. One of those needles is a 29" US #6. I'm hoping it will be long enough for the edging on the sweater. I was too posessed with finishing the wrap to be bothered by the guilt of moms sweater or the filthy state of my house. I took breaks only long enough to bathe and feed the children. And look! She has her little sweater just in time for our 58 degree weather!
Now the projects MUST be prioritized!

1. Moms sweater
2. Kyoto
3. Lacy V-neck
4. kids' scarf/hat sets
5. socks

Of course after I finish numbers 1 and 2, the rest can worked at the same time or whenever. And of course, after spreading the stash out all over my bed I got lots of ideas and hopes for new projects. In fact while I was in my yarn organizing/fondling trance Mike walked in pointed at the yarn and said to me,"See, you DON'T need any more yarn!"
Just because it covered the entire surface of the bed he thinks I've gone overboard. Sheesh! I tried to assure him that this was, by comparison, a small stash and that I've heard/seen/read of other knitters with enough yarn stashed to fill a room! Needless to say he either didn't believe me or didn't care and just rolled his eyes. It bummed me out to be cut off from buying more yarn, but not enough to stop me from jumping into the stash and rolling around for a while.


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