Wednesday, January 12, 2005

"mommy....whys the chair on the table?"

Happy to say that mucho knitting has been occuring. Yeah! I have finally reached the point where I begin the border ribbing on my moms sweater, but I discovered that the only appropriate size 5 needle that was even somewhat long, was cheap and plastic and also....not quite long enough. I hate to bunch up all these stitches on cheap plastic needles that I'm gonna be struggling to stitch with anyway! ARG! I could've had the piece done last nite but alas....a trip to buy better needles is required. Sigh. So, upon that discovery.......I finished this:

yoga mat bag Posted by Hello

It is the yoga mat bag from the SnB Nation Book. Yippee! Now I have both my hands free to wrangle up the kids at the gym daycare after yoga and/or pilates workouts. I messed up three rows of the pattern and ran out of dark blue yarn so there is a light blue stripe where I attached the strap. That only took me about 30 minutes or so to seam up (only ripped it out once!), so I had the rest of the evening to knit. I decided to work on the ballet wrap but discovered I had put the needles away that I had used for the first piece. Unbelievably, I do not remember what size needles I used!!! Ack! I think it was my size 10 but I'm not 100% sure on that. It is however, my best guess, so I am going to cast on and start the left front piece. Wish me luck.
Anyhow, all the needle searching/confusion led me to an all out knitting needle bag cleaning and inventory. You know, I have a lot of needles, but most of them are the cheapy plastic ones (won on ebay) and I don't really want to use them. :( Besides that I NEED A KNITTING BAG! I am using a cloth grocery bag for crying out loud!!! My dream is to eventually design or find a felting pattern for one.

As an end note: Has everyone seen the total for MSF donations on the Yarn Harlot's site! Its amazing! If you haven't seen it yet check it out!


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