Friday, January 07, 2005

Have you ever loved a yarn so much that you just wanted to roll around in it all day? Well, that is how I feel about my first two skeins of Classic Elite's Inca Alpaca. I want to make the fingerless gloves from the SnB Nation book for my MIL so I went to the lys to buy some Kureyon (which I was very excited about) when I saw the Alpaca and decided to buy it instead. It is a lovely lavender color and I've named it Packy.
Besides that I also bought some very colorful Regia Sock yarn for my daughter. I can't decide whether to make socks or legwarmers for her. Seeing as its January and its 80 degrees outside, I seriously doubt she needs either one. So I now have officially broken the budget with yarn and have enough projects to keep me seriously knitting for the next year or so!
Speaking of projects, I have made more of an effort to finish moms sweater. I knit on it for four nights in a row and only made three inches of progress. Now, I do knit English style but I know I'm not a slow knitter. It seems like there are a bajillion sts in a single row! Okay, I know its an adult sweater and it takes time and effort. It is coming out very nicely too. The wool is SO beautiful! I will post a picture as soon as I finish this piece.
In other project news, I started a simple ballet wrap for my daughter and also the yoga mat bag from the SnB Nation book. With all these projects, I'm beginning to think my husband is right and I AM obsessed with knitting! Yippee for me!


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