Sunday, October 30, 2005

apple bobbing

apple bobbing
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Two things I can say about being a mother, I've had children for only five and a half years now and in that time I've come to know lots of happy, lots of worry, lots of guilt and tons of pride.....
My beautiful (and very girly) daughter not only loves apples and jumped in to the bobbing game like she was born to it (consuming more than a half dozen apples in 2 hours) but she insisted on being the biggest and baddest Jedi out there. Thats right.....Darth Vader. She's seen the movies, knows her Mommy is into martial arts and loves a good warrior story, but I swear was NOT coerced into being Darth this year. She wanted it. When I said there was a slew of princess costumes she wanted Darth. When she saw all her friends dressed as princesses, she wanted Darth. When I asked her why Darth? She said, "Halloween is scary. I want a scary costume."
After my initial feelings of pride and joy, I wondered if I should be scared/worried that my 5 year old daughter chose ultimate-evil-bad-guy-of-the-universe. Hmmmmmmm. She was the coolest kid at the party and was a hit with all the adults who thought a girl Darth Vader was brilliant. Maya, I love you!


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